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Yes we do. It does vary depending on the parts chosen/fitted to your car , all new parts are covered under warranty for a minimum of 1 year and many are 2 years - it does vary. If second hand or reconditioned parts have been chosen the warranty is for parts only and for 3 months.

No. We are fully equipped with the latest computer & scanning technology designed specifically to work on your BMW or Mini. We also have a huge range of specially designed tools which enable us to complete work more efficiently.

We would not recommend this - mostly due to the fact they will not have the computer & scanning equipment, training or special tools needed to work on your car. We do a lot of diagnostic work for local garages who are not able to do this themselves, and as they are not specialists when they complete the work we have diagnosed for them it takes them a lot longer to complete the repair . They will also be putting extra on the job to cover their costs of driving  the car to us , our diagnostic time etc etc - in the end you will pay too much.

Each vehicle is road tested , and a general check over completed. All fluid levels are checked and topped up. Whilst the oil and filter is being drained/changed a report is made up and if there are any items/faults which need addressing then we would contact you to discuss this further.

Sometimes during scheduled servicing we may find other faults or problems that may need addressing . We would contact you to discuss this providing pricing and how long it would take to complete the work.

The majority of work we do is completed in one day so this is rarely the case. But should it be necessary we would advise you as early as possible so you can make arrangements for transportation. Your car will be safely locked up inside the workshop over night.

We would suggest getting the problem looked at as early as possible so we can advise if it is something that needs urgent attention or some issues can wait a little longer until you are able to afford the repair.

Many small problems can become much larger and more expensive if left unattended, so it is always best to make an informed decision.

Factors such as labour rates and the quality of parts used are usually the main reason, however it is important to understand that our technicians are BMW/Mini trained specialists who know their product extremely well, and it will take us a lot less time to complete repair work than a general mechanic, therefore providing excellent service at a fair price.

Parts are available from all around the world now days, but many are very cheap and of a poor quality - We will never use these type of parts in your car. We only fit Genuine parts or high quality parts sourced from OE Suppliers.

This is a very uneconomical way to maintain your vehicle. BMWs & Minis require preventative maintenance to remain reliable & prevent unnecessary costs. The cost of a breakdown will always be more expensive than scheduled maintenance - not to mention the inconvenience of breaking down and being without your car unexpectedly.

Yes we do. These are very popular so booking in advance is recommended . Please note we do not charge for the use of the car but expect customers to put the appropriate quantity of petrol in the car to cover their usage on the day.

We will always call you with a quote if your car needs any additional work and get your authority to proceed – you will not turn up at 5 O’clock and get an un-expected surprise with the bill.

Yes - we think this is a sensible thing to do as there are many wearable items on your car that may have been fine at the time of your WOF but in 6 months time they may become worn enough that
they could be dangerous, for example Tyres, suspension arms, brake hoses, wipers etc. , we are happy to complete a “mid wof check” which is a quick safety inspection, including tyre pressures and check & top up of all fluid levels.